In a world where to some black lives matter is a movement and to others black lives matter is nothing more than a simple hashtag, Daniel is a senior in high school whose friend was recently killed by a police officer.  To keep Daniel safe, his mother sends him to live with his aunt in the suburbs.  Daniel quickly finds out that no matter where he lives, he is still a black male and there are certain things that he cannot do. This moving and informative drama is appropriate for all ages and races.

Character Breakdown:

Danyelle – hard working mother of Daniel, an edgy teen.  Works 2 jobs to provide for her son.  Lives on the rough side of town and has a sassy mouth. Mid 30s-40s

Renee – Mother of Noah, Sister of Danyelle.  Calm housewife. Soft spoken, from the rough side of town but now lives in the suburbs.  Still trying to find her way. Mid 30s-40s

Noah (male) – Nerdy high school senior

Jake – Husband of Renee.  Middle class black male.  Career guy trying to climb the corporate ladder.

Christy – Prissy upper middle-class lady in the suburbs.  Very out of touch with reality and looks down on people from the other side of town. Mid 30s-40s

Tommy – Black male police officer. Husband of Christy.  Upstanding down to earth guy. Mid 30s-40s

Police Officer – white male police officer


John is on the verge of becoming a multi-millionaire and suddenly commits suicide, or so they say. As his wife, ex-wife, daughters and business partner all begin to mourn Johns death the detective on the case has to begin to unfold what really happened. With Detective Babler on the job, he thinks based on the evidence this is really a murder coverup and at this point everyone is a suspect. Join us for an evening of laughs, mystery and dinner and help Detective Babler solve the case.

Character Breakdown:

John- Middle age business owner.  Handsome guy.
Detective Babler- Short, corny detective with too little clothes. Middle age, any ethnicity
Coroner Ragland- Older guy, nerdy
Nichelle- John’s Daughter, young cute, nice, gentle, must sing
Karen- John’s wife, middle age, grand, thought to be a gold digger
Frank- John’s business partner, handsome, player but married
Ms. Shaw- John’s secretary, not very intelligent, airhead
Patricia- John’s ex-wife, jazzy, witty
Ashley/Ashton- Karen’s daughter or son, clueless to the real word, spoiled

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The story follows the life of Darrin, a mega celebrity, who is a closeted gay man, signed to a homophobic music label. As the story unfolds, he has to decide if he wants to do what he loves (be a mainstream artist) or be with who he loves (Ken, a man he recently met). This groundbreaking stage play demystifies the relationships between homosexual and heterosexual men in a funny and relatable way…. It is a modern day coming out story of a man who is afraid of rejection by his family, church, and friends as he has to decide his path in life. This play is enjoyable and educational for all genders and all ages. You will leave laughing and more open minded.


Juanita, sexy but not yet forty, has been for many years a strong single African-American woman. Overworked and overloaded she has always found an ounce of fight still in her soul to keep pressing on… but how long can one person fight? How long can they bare the struggle in the dark without some hint of daylight? In her struggles, Juanita now finds herself at odds with the undeniable fact that raising five children as a single parent has finally started to take its toll. She expects more and receives less. Her trust in men is near non-existence but that is put to the test when she is reunited with a blast from her past… a smooth talking and flashy R&B singer who rehashes old memories and introduces new ideas… ideas that thrusts Juanita into a whirlwind of pain and confusion.

Character Breakdown:

JUANITA MOORE 35, mother of five, sings

DEVON 18 year old son, rough around the edges

ANGEL 17 year old daughter, ambitious dreamer

KECIA 15 year old daughter, desperately growing up too fast

TEE TEE 11 year old son

UNCLE FRANK 41, older brother, truck driver, just a country as he wants to be

MONTELL 38, R&B singer, smooth player, a little flashy

HAROLD 50’s, grocery store manager, old school, well groomed and always in a brim hat

BIG EDDIE 37, heavy set, charming

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