Do you have what it takes to be in the next Tre Floyd Productions?

Short Synopsis- 4 couples, strangers to each other, go to a group therapy session.  They all have what they think is their issue but the therapist helps them find what the real issue is beneath the surface.  Then the couple have to decide do they stay or is it time to let it go.

Auditions are November 29th beginning at 6pm.  Singing is not required but is a plus.  Please fill out the audition link below.  No self tapes or video auditions accepted.  Please do not ask. Brief description of each character is below.


THERAPIST: serious about therapy but enjoys having a good time and being creative
TANISHA: not dumb, very urban, outspoken
TYRELL: chill, street guy
ERIC: businessman, cant let things go
ANITA: suburban, apologetic, selfless
ROBERT: often annoying but genuine
DEVIN: cheerful, gentleman, hopeless romantic
LASHA: good girl, career woman
ADRIAN: manly but not self assured