About Tre Productions

Founded in 2018, Tre Productions was created by Tre Floyd to give a platform to talent and untold stories.  Tre Productions focuses on stage productions, web-series and more. Tre Productions is the parent company of the non profit organization Elevating Voices which mission is to enlighten and expose audiences to all black characters through authentic and innovative stories.  Since its inception, Tre Productions has achieved great success in a small period of time.  In 2019, Tre Productions showcased the first all black cast dinner theater.  For more information or inquires about bringing your story to life please email us at info@trefloyd.com

Tre Floyd is the owner of Tres Place Theater just outside of Atlanta GA. It is the only theater in the city of Forest Park. Tre is known for writing and directing stage plays such as Love, Sex & Marriage, Before Black Lives Matter, Dear John, She Got It and more. Tre has toured stage performances across the USA, selling out stages from Miami to Indianapolis, from Baltimore to Memphis. Aside from the theater world Tre is the executive producer for Tre Floyd TV, an independent streaming company. Tre has produced several dramatic and comedy series including, Church Hurt, The Ville, Wolfcreek View and more. Some of which have been featured and won film festivals around the world.
Tre is a native of Mississippi and has been in some form of the arts since childhood. He acted in church plays and sang in local talent shows as a young child. He wrote his first stage play as a junior in high school and produced it while still in high school. As a teenager, Tre began to perfect his craft by formally training in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. He was a former member of MS: The Dance Company and a founding member of Hinge Dance Company. While pursuing an accounting degree (and graduating with honors), Tre also learned all about stage and film within his Theatre Arts minor. He has trained dancers and performed at various venues across the US, both acting and dancing.
Tre’s began his professional career as a youtuber in 2018. After the success of his first webseries, Tre turned the series into a stage play which tour 10 cities and did 25 shows. From that point, Tre knew this was the direction he wanted to go.
Tre draws inspiration from his community, family, and friends. A few of his favorite celebrities are Shonda Rhimes, Denzel Washington, Sterling K. Brown, and Katoria Hall.

His favorite quote is
“Everyday in Africa a lion wakes up.  He knows he must outrun the slowest gazelle or he wont survive. Everyday in Africa a gazelle wakes up. He knows he must outrun the fastest lion or her wont survive. So whether you are a lion or a gazelle, when you wake up, you better be running.”

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